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April 3, 2010

The Existential Factor

Although Racist aren't the omnipresent Boogey-Men they were in their hey-day, I readily admit they do exist. Racism however, has become fairly obsolete.

If you consider racism in the sense of a widespread united hatred for an opposed race, you may find, as I have that it's largely non-existent.

Every now and then a Racist will make an appearance in society. Sometimes w/ enough shock & awe to vie for the nation's attention e.g. Imus, Jena 6. But more often that not, Racist as a whole are lucky to garner a few minutes of conversation around the water cooler.

A hushed "Did you hear about the guy who told all the Black people to exit Wal-Mart?" Or a lone article in The Washington Post on the depiction of our Head of State as a primate. 

By and large Racism, that unified conviction to hatred, is beginning to evaporate. If it's not gone already.

Yet as I write this I find I'm not filled w/ pride. I'm not "proud" of our society. I don't feel as if we've consciously taken a step forward in to unbiased acceptance. If anything I feel the absence of racism in society is merely a by-product of our attention span.

In short, we just don't care anymore.

We're not moving forward with the same conviction we had to running backwards.

Mass Lynchings may be a thing of the past, but Gay Marriage is still a thing of the future. While any and everyone may have the right to vote, no one has the right to free Health-Care.

There's been no real growth. We've kinda just, "moved on".

What do we really have to be proud of??


  1. First, racism still does exsist. Today it comes in more subtle, less violent ways, yet it is still prominint. I won't go through every example i can think of but the one that first comes to mind is the problem that many families have with interacial marriage/dating. This alone shows you that you don't have to be lyncing someone to be racist, you only have to think they are not as good as yourself. With that said I think that the majority of Americans not caring about the race issue is a good thing. Our generation was taught to not judge based on race, and either that lesson sunk in and race is more or less insignificant or we stil judge and dislike, but learn to live with the fact that America is a nation of mixed races. Either way Blacks, whites, hispanics, asians, etc. we,re all here to stay and are legally equals and i think everyone has pretty much accepted that fact. Because of this there is no use focusing on something that can't be changed.

  2. there is a major factor that has played a huge role in the decline of over the top, blatant racism. I think the biggeest key, is the descruction of the tradition of hatred. For years, hatred was bred and taught to younger generations to carry on the legacy of supremacy. With the decline of that tradition, and the possible 'enlightenment' of the majority, then yes, I can agree that racism is a dying American culture. Thank the Lord. Unfortunately, the 'whites' have done enough phsycological damage to keep the 'blacks' underneath the threshold of failure and success. Contempoary racism now heavily lies in the work force. Particularly prestigues occupations.

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